I have so much to tell you…

Dear Diary, I have so much to tell you... So much has happened since the last time I sat down to write down what I feel. There are so many stories I haven't really shared with you. But why haven't I written anything personal this year on my blog? I don't really have one straight … Continue reading I have so much to tell you…


Shattered To Pieces

Growing up I experienced many struggles which made me confused, lost about life. I was shattered, broken to pieces. I didn't know what my purpose was, didn't have a vision or a mission. I lost hope in everything and life became meaningless to me. I was living this first pace life that appeared to be … Continue reading Shattered To Pieces

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Daily Thought #78

Good morning fam, here's a quick quote for you. Have a great, productive day. Love, Oluwakemi xx Like and Share with someone who need to read this! Copyright ยฉ 2018 Oluwakemi Toluwalase All Rights Reserved.