2 THINGS THAT DEFINE YOU: Patience and Attitude

In my last posts, I wrote about VALUES.
Today, I’m writing on the two things that define you: Patience and Attitude.


Life Questions
1. Who are you?
2. How are you defined?
3. How will you define yourself?

2 Things that define you:
Your PATIENCE when you have NOTHING
Your ATTITUDE when you have EVERYTHING

The first line of quote says “your patience when you have nothing” means when you are nothing, you will obviously have a few needs.
1. How patient can you wait for that you need?
2. Do you get upset or disturb and worry about or make a bother about someone or something?

The second line of the quote says your attitude when you have everything.
1.What is your attitude when you have everything?
2. Are you nice, kind or helpful?

1. What did you learn about yourself?
2. How can you measure yourself?
3. How would you define yourself?
4. How would you measure the aspect of your life?
5.What are the things you most value about yourself?

These are the questions you need to evaluate yourself on. Am I on the right track?

All you need to do is evaluate your progress and study for weakness. Then figure out what went right and what needs improvement.
1. What are your probable or possible outcomes of self-evaluation?
2. Analyze your self-evaluation results.
You might want to take advantage of this information and plan your next step.





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