It breaks my heart when my favourite makeup products drops and shatters into pieces. Most especially if it is a new product. The feeling is indescribable! Just beyond words. But the good thing is that you don’t have to throw it away. Although this solution isn’t just for shattered products but also for cream eyeshadows, blush or liners that has dried out. Like I said you do not need to get rid of them.

All the things you need are:

1) Alcohol (70%)

2)Broken makeup product

3)Mini spatula for mixing and smoothing or a spoon

4)Plastic wrap


  • Cover your product with a plastic wrap.
  • With your spatula or spoon mash up the broken product till its in a loose powder form.

  • Remove the plastic wrap and add the necessary amount of alcohol depending on the size of the product or what is left. You definitely don’t want to pour a lot of alcohol in it.

  • Mix it up then use your spatula or spoon to even it out smoothly and also perfect the edges.

  • Allow your product to dry for few hours and Voila! Your product is back to normal!!!
    Use this same step to revive your old cream eyeshadows. Although you don’t need to wrap it up just mix with alcohol and it’s like it never happened ! Smoothen it up before drying.

You don’t need to be heartbroken when any special makeup product of yours shatters into pieces. Just follow these steps and you’ll revive it like it never happened.


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