My Personal Values

My personal values are the most important and meaningful things in my life. My priorities and my highest motivations is my belief in God and my gratitude towards my family.

My personal values are important to me because they shape my behavior, guide me through life’s journeys and also support my faith. My value system is based on my belief in God and it’s shaped by my experiences with my family and other relationships with people who have been in my life.


Values are an absolute necessity for the well-being of individuals, societies, nations. We may change how much we value certain things or how much we apply value in our lives. The basic core values are who we are, and who you want to be.


The rewards of living by specific values in your life are enormous and gratifying but it may not be an easy task but it is possible. There is always room to build your values with God.


I discovered that values bring happiness, satisfaction, sterling character and success to anybody regardless of their age or circumstances so I am working on how to build my relationship with God and to become more knowledgeable of Him.


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