Looking At My Life Pattern


Welcome back! I hope you are having a lovely day!

Today I’ll be sharing my life challenges and the steps I used to overcome them. Though I am still learning about life but I am self-assured that my future is bright.

I was constantly looking for a change in my life by viewing everything with the same mindset. I was caught in the battle between the reality I perceived and the reality I exist in.

We all have challenges, right? Most times this is how we handle our situations. We spend most of our time on things we don’t want to adjust when things begin to shift and move in different directions just because our attention has been stuck for long.

Now we may be living and breathing but we are constantly reaching to our past hurts, past disappointments, and past circumstances despite how things tend to constantly change.

Recently I noticed the pattern – situations continue to arise over and over again even after I believe they have been resolved.

I was reacting to my current life situations with past events still playing in my mind every day – situations that tested my trust in God and myself.

I was changing, adjusting and trying to create the best relationship possible with God and myself but I was still seeing the present as the past.

How often do I not go for chances I want because I remember about my troubles, my circumstances?

It is a challenge to see today in such a way that is untainted by what happens but that’s where joy and true gratitude is from, the ability to see everything as new, pure and full of possibilities.

I may be wishing, praying or working to create change in my life. The question is will I notice or recognize it when it happens.

Are you able to see today in an entirely new light? Here are some essential tips for you.
  • When I started to notice the little things around me, I realized that I always berating myself. Not being like others, not being like the brilliant minds, not having talent. But when I started to pay careful attention to things, I realized I do have a talent.

  • You have to face reality as it is today so you can create exactly what you have been trying to move away from.
  • To recognize your power, you need to take full responsibility for all the good and challenging things in your life. Look at your successes and failures and realize your mistakes. What have I learned from my past failures is that in order for me to succeed, I need to focus on my priority rather than whatever bright shiny object has captured my attention at the moment. I think about my life situation that I desperately want to change. I always ask myself these questions, “What do I want?”, “How do I want to create the life I desire?”
  • Sometimes our baggage often hoards fear of being hurt in the present. It keeps us stuck in a reality that no longer exist. How do I open myself to new outlook? How do I keep my past from affecting my present? These are questions you need to ask yourself.

You can read more on How to Conquer Fear, Self-Doubt in order to Achieve your Dreams.

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