30 Surefire Facts About Me

Hey guys, how are you doing? How’s your week? My birthday is next week Monday. I would like to write a post – surefire facts about me. 



I go to bed late and always wake up by 6am or 7am. I stay on the bed till 8am.

I hate to talk on phone for hours because I get bored easily.

I love drinking water.

I love eat but I don’t like Semo, Wheat, Amala (Nigerian food).

I am Aquarius. Everything you read about Aquarius, is about me.

I love to read books on Wattpad, Radish and others.

I never joke with my sleeping hours.

I back out of arguments when I notice it’s turning into a fight.

I don’t dwell in my pasts and I don’t never have regrets. 

I am a strong and firm believer.

I love watching movies (romance, comedy, drama, musical) and when I want to watch thriller, mystery or horror I love to watch with someone.

I love watching reality shows, food channels, award shows, and series (Love Empire and Game of Thrones, can’t wait for new episodes and seasons).

I’m musically driven and inspired. Anywhere I go and music is playing, I love to sing along and dance (not a good dancer).

I love more International songs, less Nigerian songs (Wizkid, Darey, Kiss Daniel) and I don’t really have Nigerian songs on my phone playlist.

Friends say I’m independent, my mom and my sister says I’m dependent. To me, I’m independent.

I love technology.

I’m very unpredictable, I never rely on anyone for help.

I love to travel but love relaxing at home.

I love to work at my own pace and I don’t like to answer to anyone.

No lies, no crap, what you see is what you get (I love being myself everywhere I go).

I hate excuses. I like when you’re straightforward and blunt.

Have a highly analytical mind and have a way of going about things.

Some people often find it difficult to understand me.

I don’t like bossy and clingy people. 

I hate people who think they’re better than other (I know HATE is a strong word but that’s how I feel).

I’m quiet around a crowd of people just so I can study their ways and actions.

When having mood swings, I prefer to be left alone instead of being questioned.

I value friendship and if you ever need help or advice, ask me, I won’t hesitate to be there for you. 

I’m incredibly open minded and tends to think and do things differently from others.

I love to secretly observe just like a vulture, watching everything quietly. And you’ll always wonder why I know everything!

P.S. Please introduce yourselves in the comment box below. I would like to know you more. 

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5 thoughts on “30 Surefire Facts About Me

  1. Bodjetstar says:

    I am cancer ♋ …not cancer disease ooo….. I love to joke, reserved and quiet just something similar to Candace Brisma said above….. I enjoy learning new things bcoz the more we live, the more we learn…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Candace N. Bisram says:

    Wow Oluwakemi… I’ll say about 95% of what you wrote here describes me as well… except that I’m a Libra.

    I’m from a tiny Caribbean island called Trinidad.

    I go to bed at 10 pm every night and wake up at 6 am. If I don’t get sufficient sleep, I’m a total mess the next day.

    I have a very reserved and quiet demeanour, but once I’m comfortable around someone I’m very humorous and I love to joke and laugh.

    Basically most of what you wrote there… I can attest to about myself 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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