My Challenges Don’t Define Me

We all face challenges. The most important thing is not let your challenges define your life and don’t tie yourself to your challenges. 

I reached a point of doubting I was not good enough. Many thoughts going through my mind. The one whispering that I was a failure. The one whispering I was not good enough. The one whispering I am so far behind that there’s no way for me to catch up. These thoughts left me thinking I was failure.  I lost all hope in myself, my career. I find it hard to ignore these thoughts. We all go through this, don’t we?

When I realized what was going on, I came to terms with the fact that these challenges don’t define me as a person. I realized there’s no reason to walk around in shame because of my situation. My definition of me is not affected by negativity and negative comments of others. Defining yourself by your challenges only makes your challenges overcome you, when they overcome you, you have no strength to fight and defeat them. You must know who you are (your identity), accept your challenges for what they are and look for solutions. 

Remember, you can never plan a way to overcome the challenges life impose on you. You must face them and defeat them the best way you can.

P.S. Do you identify yourself by your challenges? 

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