Standing At A Crossroad

Life is full of choices, isn’t? Many times I find myself standing at a crossroad. And I often ask myself which path should I take?

When we think about the different decisions, we make just to get out of bed, to take our bath or shower, what to eat, what to wear, what do our family need to eat, what the kids need to wear, what our plans or goals are today, which path will I take to achieve my plans or goals for today. 
It could be other choices that could change the course of our lives, such as what career do I choose?, when will I get married?, When will I have kids?. All these thoughts run through our minds and we must make a decision. Many decisions are trivial and some are essential to life and they are life-changing.

When I stand at a crossroad, I am confronted by the thoughts running through my mind and the decisions I make. “Should I go for it or should I not?” or “What if I choose not to go for it, will I regret my decisions?”, “Should I take a shortcut or the high road?” In those moments of not knowing what to do, I feel overwhelmed about which road I should take so I don’t end up regretting my decisions. 

I realized that when trouble comes your way or you find yourself at a crossroad or you find yourself at a dead-end situation, not knowing which road to take next. Remember you need to talk to God before talking to family and friends. Never make any life decisions without consulting God first.  Let Him guide you in times of need.




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