3 Keys For a Low-Stress Life

The last point is major 🔑.

When you trust your own path, you don’t need to prove the other is wrong.

If anyone believes they have to force a point of view on someone else, they probably don’t believe in the power of that point of view themselves. The idea of forcing your point of view on someone else is an expression of powerlessness.

Sharing your experiences and perspectives with others, is cool. But looking down on others for thinking, believing, or living differently than you do, is NOT cool.

It takes sooooo much energy to impose your will on others. You know because you used to do it constantly. (Always for their own good, of course 😜)

When you stopped worrying about what others are doing and started focusing on your own personal development, your stress levels will decrease and your joy will increase. 

Thanks to @thinkgrowprosper for this post.

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 Oluwakemi xx


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