My Weekend Goals

Hey fam,

This weekend, I’ll be spending time with my sister, running errands for my mom. Then I will probably spend some time planning, writing and reading books. When I am home, in my bed (chillin!), I like to write, read other peopleโ€™s blogs, design new clothing on Teespring or Snaptee, occasionally surf the web to learn new things and plan out my week, blog (using Trello) and IG posts (using wordswag and canva to design images, and schedule with Tailwindapp or Crowdfire). I have few posts that are still in ‘draft’ or ‘pending review’ because they require lots of time, editing. 

There’s an ongoing sale on my clothing line ‘Empower You Collection’ (looking for a new name for my collection, any ideas or suggestions pls contact me). Use promo code: NEW17 (Free shipping for the US only) and for other countries, use SAVE17. This code applies to new shoppers only and it’s available for few days. Visit my Facebook page to START SHOPPING NOW! 

Have a ridiculously amazing weekend.


Oluwakemi xx


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