My Plum Orange Wine (P.O.W.) Fall Inspired Look!

My P.O.W Fall Inspired Look - DASK BEAUTY


My October Favorites

My October Favorites by DASK Beauty | OLUWAKEMI TOLUWALASE

Go Colorful or Go Home!

Go Colorful or Go Home! | DASK BEAUTY

Trending makeup looks ft Dask beauty


imageHi guys , welcome back to my blog hope you guys are having a wonderful evening ! Today’s post is basically about the trending makeup we see everyday on people and also on the internet . Professional makeup artist Dare of Dask beauty who is our guest feature gave us the inside scoop on this looks and i would talk about them one after the other .

  • Glitter eyes

This eye-shadow look is over the top as its very loud ,and shiny . its awakens the eyes and gives the eyes depth . The application is very easy there’s nothing really complex about it . glitter eyes can only be worn on occasions just because of its loud look , its appropriate for occasions like weddings and parties . This look can be achieved by applying an eyeshadow first , apply a glitter glue on the area you want the…

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It breaks my heart when my favourite makeup products drops and shatters into pieces. Most especially if it is a new product. The feeling is indescribable! Just beyond words. But the good thing is that you don't have to throw it away. Although this solution isn't just for shattered products but also for cream eyeshadows, … Continue reading DIY: FIXING/REVIVING BROKEN MAKEUP PRODUCTS