11 Motivational Quotes To Help You Through Your Monday Morning

Are you lacking the right motivation to jump energetically out of your bed on Monday mornings? Here are some coffee quotes to kickstart your monday morning: Sometimes you just really need some motivation on the Monday to get you going. Sit back over your cup of coffee and enjoy these kick-starting Monday Quotes and Sayings … Continue reading 11 Motivational Quotes To Help You Through Your Monday Morning

My Makeup Looks Over The Years !!!!

DASK Beauty

I feel like I’ve been gone for a very long time. I think the last time I posted on the blog was November 2016, which makes me feel really sad. There was just a whole lot going on from opening a beauty studio/lounge to managing, branding and staffing, etc. I just had to take a long break from my beauty blog! I know it’s not a valid excuse but I guess I also experienced a block. I just wasn’t inspired to write but I’m glad I’m back now.

I always remind myself in all things “consistency is key”. This time I also have to practice it!

Although I haven’t posted on here, I’ve been quite consistent on my Instagram beauty page formerly known as @daskbeauty now @houseofdask (kindly follow or check out my page🥰🥰).

Here are some of the looks I did over the years🥰🥰

Here are few links to…

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Shattered To Pieces

Growing up I experienced many struggles which made me confused, lost about life. I was shattered, broken to pieces. I didn't know what my purpose was, didn't have a vision or a mission. I lost hope in everything and life became meaningless to me. I was living this first pace life that appeared to be … Continue reading Shattered To Pieces

Daily Thought #78

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Daily Thought 75 – You Are Enough

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