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Winning The Liebster Award 2017

Hey guys! I am so excited! My blog got nominated for The Liebster Award 2017 by an awesome lady and also a passionate mom. She owns a lovely blog called The Crazy List and please check her blog out. A huge thank you to her. What is the Liebster Award? The Liebster Award 2017 started back in … Continue reading Winning The Liebster Award 2017

Finding My True Self

In this chaotic world, many of us find ourselves troubled to stay focused or confused about ways to reach our goals? Or sometimes we feel alone or experience rough days along our journey? So, to say I was lost some years ago is a big understatement. I was frustrated and lost; didn’t have a clue … Continue reading Finding My True Self

My Weekend Goals

Hey fam, This weekend, I'll be spending time with my sister, running errands for my mom. Then I will probably spend some time planning, writing and reading books. When I am home, in my bed (chillin!), I like to write, read other people’s blogs, design new clothing on Teespring or Snaptee, occasionally surf the web … Continue reading My Weekend Goals

Getting On Top of Life

For the last couple of months, I've not written much. I have been trying to organize things and get on top of life. Love, Oluwakemi xx