Today’s Must Watch #10 – If you listen to people, you won’t live

Hey fam, Hope you're all good? Here's a short video on " If You Listen to People, You Won't Live"  by Taraji Penda Henson. Click here to watch and #BeInspired.  Also as you're watching this video, if you hear something that resonates with you. Please leave it down in the comment below, so others can be inspired too. Enjoy! Love,  … Continue reading Today’s Must Watch #10 – If you listen to people, you won’t live

Daily Thought #51

Love,  Oluwakemi xx 

New Project – Empower You

Hey fam, how are you doing?  So I've been searching for a website or an app where I can design clothes, mugs and others with my quotes. I have had this idea for two years now. Yesterday, I finally found websites where I can empower you. I present you with this awesome designs to empower you … Continue reading New Project – Empower You

Today Must Watch #9 – Prove Everyone Wrong

Hey fam, How are you doing today? I am good. Today I will be sharing a video about 'Proving Everyone Wrong'. Click here to watch and #BeInspired.  Love,  Oluwakemi xx

Today’s Must Watch #7 – Empty Out The Negative

Hey guys! How are you doing today? Decided to share this video with you. Click here for the link. Watch and #BeInspired.  Love,  Oluwakemi xx