Daily Thought #65 – Pain

Hey blog fam, how are you doing? I posted this for those not following me on my Instagram. Do you agree with this statement below: Pain is inevitable. Getting hurt is an essential part of life because that’s how we grow and learn. That’s how we figure things out and discover ourselves. That’s how we … Continue reading Daily Thought #65 – Pain


2 Years Achievement – Blog Updates

Wow, celebrating 2 years blog achievement with WordPress. Happy Anniversary to Oluwakemi Toluwalase. Thanks to my blog family, visitors for the love and support everyday. I appreciate it. Love, Oluwakemi

Daily Thought #61

I look at problems as opportunities and use every person, every incident and every encounter as an opportunity to show a more loving part of myself. -Oprah Winfrey

Daily Thought #60

Breakdowns lead to comebacks which lead to breakthroughs. Find your breakthrough.

Weekend Thought #25