30 Random Facts About Me

Hey fam πŸ˜ƒ I wrote these facts about me in February for my birthday. I haven't had the chance to post because of my new life struggle - balancing my blog life and my business life. I decided to post because today is my free day. In no particular order, here are 30 random facts … Continue reading 30 Random Facts About Me


Grateful Thankful Blessed – Blog Update

Grateful for life. Thankful for my struggles and victories, my past present and future. Blessed beyond expectations. Happy Birthday to me. Love, Oluwakemi

My Weekend Goals

Hey fam, This weekend, I'll be spending time with my sister, running errands for my mom. Then I will probably spend some time planning, writing and reading books. When I am home, in my bed (chillin!), I like to write, read other people’s blogs, design new clothing on Teespring or Snaptee, occasionally surf the web … Continue reading My Weekend Goals

Getting On Top of Life

For the last couple of months, I've not written much. I have been trying to organize things and get on top of life. Love, Oluwakemi xx

3 Keys For a Low-Stress Life

The last point is major πŸ”‘. When you trust your own path, you don't need to prove the other is wrong. If anyone believes they have to force a point of view on someone else, they probably don't believe in the power of that point of view themselves. The idea of forcing your point of … Continue reading 3 Keys For a Low-Stress Life