My Onward Struggle – Mood Swings

Growing up I suffered from mood swings and it was an onward struggle for me. Some moments I feel incredible and other moments I feel really down. It was horrible. When I'm having my mood swings, I feel lonely, awful. And I yell or nag at anyone, I would isolate myself from everyone. I felt … Continue reading My Onward Struggle – Mood Swings

Daily Thought #56

When I think of reasons people cheat, you'll always hear things like, 'she never supports me.' Or when domestic violence is involved, you hear things like, 'she always nag me.' 'He didn't spend time with me.' 'She doesn't understand me.' 'I don't think he/she loves me anymore.' These are statements opposite to what friendship really … Continue reading Daily Thought #56

Good Things Happen With Time

Hey guys! Hope you're good? Here's a short thought for you. Have you noticed that good things happen in your life unexpectedly?  Many times in my life, I have noticed good things happen when I least expect. I have also noticed my life is like a ladder, every challenge I achieve gets me one step … Continue reading Good Things Happen With Time

Daily Thought #55 – Focus

Love,  Oluwakemi 

Weekend Thought #21

Love, Oluwakemi