Blog Updates

Hey fam, How are you doing today? How's your day going? For some other countries, how was your day? My day has been good and I've been lazy all day. So I'll be posting soon. Read and #BeInspired. I'll also be posting 'My Social Links' soon for you to like and follow for more inspiring and motivating … Continue reading Blog Updates

Weekend Thought #16 – Focus

As we turn into a new year, many of us spend time reflecting on our goals for the year. I wrote a post on New Year Goals, CLICK HERE. Two years ago, I didn't have a clear vision for my career. I was without focus and was not clear on what I was suppose to do … Continue reading Weekend Thought #16 – Focus

Daily Thought #44 – Choices

Choice (noun) means an act of choosing between two or more possibilities. Everyday we travel on this journey called life, you'll realize that the choices we make and the chances we take each day determines who we are and who we want to be. It shapes our lives and our future. There are times in … Continue reading Daily Thought #44 – Choices

Standing At A Crossroad

Life is full of choices, isn't? Many times I find myself standing at a crossroad. And I often ask myself which path should I take? When we think about the different decisions, we make just to get out of bed, to take our bath or shower, what to eat, what to wear, what do our … Continue reading Standing At A Crossroad

Daily Thought #43 – Self-confidence 

Self-confidence plays a major role in almost every aspect of our lives, yet many people struggle to find it. Self-confidence is having confidence in one's self. Self-confident people are admired by others and inspire confidence in others.  A person with self-confidence is willing to take risks to achieve their personal and professional goals, and also … Continue reading Daily Thought #43 – Self-confidence